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Rosemary Porter

MEMBER SINCE 1988: When the Porters first joined the Club, the family would spend hours on the beach and in the grove. Rosemary recalls, "The highlight of my children's day was playing running bases on the beach when they were young. We called the club 9-9 because they never wanted to leave. As they grew, swimming became a big part of their days and I remember traveling with them to all the other clubs in the area for swim meets. It was a great team with tons of spirit." All four of the Porter siblings, David, Cassandra, Xander, and Brandon, loved to play tennis and spent long days on the court, where they learned sportsmanship, discipline, and dedication. When they were older, each of them became junior pros, teaching tennis to the younger children. Today, the Porter children are located all around the country, but Rosemary says, "Our family still spends a lot of time at ITC, playing tennis, paddle and dining. Our son Brandon moved to Franklin Lakes last July and the first thing he did was join the Club. He and his wife Lauren both joined paddle teams and spend a lot of time there with their two children. Things have come full circle, in fact, Brandon is now teaching his son to play paddle. When David, Cassandra, and Xander come back home, the first place they head to is the Club. It has been our favorite place to be for over 30 years and we are forever grateful to the McBrides for giving us a place to call home."