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Joan Manobianco and JoAnn Manobianco Irwin

MEMBERS SINCE 1963: One of the longest standing members currently at the Club, Joan always got a kick out of the fact that her membership number was below 100. "I loved all the friendships we were able to form at the Club. When we joined the town was booming and Urban Farms was THE place to live," says Joan. "We were all the same age and had children that were the same age. One of the best things that came out of our membership was the opportunity to introduce our family to paddle and tennis. I also loved the Sunday night movies that were screened at the Lake House." Her daughter JoAnn Irwin grew up at the Club and fondly recalls watching fireworks out on the lawn and participating in the Junior Olympics. JoAnn says, "I chose to have my wedding at ITC because the view is unparalleled. It is a special place to my family because all three of my daughters were married there as well, and the staff bent over backwards to make each wedding perfect." Over the years JoAnn enjoyed playing in many tennis and paddle tournaments alongside her daughters and adds, "Best of all is that now two of my three daughters are members with their own families, and I get to watch my grandchildren enjoy the beautiful grounds just as their moms did, and as I did before them."